Achilles Deluxe Slots

This is one of the best looking games in the historical genre anyone has ever seen. It has progressive jackpot, a free games feature, and a high maximum bet. Everything about it exhibits class and style. This is not a cheap game by any stretch of the imagination. They clearly took their time when making it, it being a labor of love. You feel it in every moment that you play. If you are the kind of person that loves this part of human history, you will love taking part in this gambling experience!

How it’s Played

Starting from the top, this game has a progressive jackpot, five reels, a wild free games feature, coin sizes going from a penny to dollars, and the maximum bet of $100. This is a place to cross 20 different lines you can bet on. Brought to you by real time gaming, it is their usual fare. We don’t say that in a bad way, but as more of a compliments. It looks absolutely lovely. It plays well too. It is a genre defining in a sense, much like the rest of their games.

Most games the future Greek style artwork don’t take it too seriously. Everything looks red and brown, and old. They chose to make it a more flattering and vibrant take, which we commend them for. There is not a single thing here is that you will see which you aren’t happy to look at. All the graphics on the reels are extraordinary. There are places here in there they could have touched up, but for the most part, even the user interface looks good. When the user interface has some love Sean, you know the rest of the graphics are probably going to be amazing.

Our favorite part is how high you can bet, being $100. Our second favorite part is surely the progressive jackpot. You can either bet in larger amounts for a shorter play duration, or in smaller amounts for longer to win more chances on the progressive jackpot. No matter which way you choose to play, you have a pretty good chance of winning.


If you want the best game about ancient Greece on the market, you have found it. It is one part history lesson and one part treasure trove. If you like money in your classics, check this one out!