Cai Bling Slots

Some people say Chinese games are a dime a dozen now in the slot world, we will probably agree. Not if you want a pretty, glistening, and great one like this one, however. This one packs a progressive jackpot, lots of heart, and an almost unlimited number of lines that you could put your coins on. With high-quality artwork and many ways to win, many people will enjoy this title. It is not the best among the Chinese games we have seen, but it ranks highly among them.

Chinese Goodness

One of the most innovative features of this Chinese game is the fact that you can bet across 243 lines in total. With the many coin sizes from pennies all the way up to dollars, you can have quite a bit of winnings coming your way if you are willing to put the money down and take a risk. You will keep playing for a long time, thanks in no small part to your desire to win the progressive jackpot. Other than that, it is a fairly normal five reel game. There is one bonus round, which is a free games feature, but little else to distinguish it from the rest in terms of gameplay mechanics.

On top of that, you can match many Chinese symbols that are lovingly made. They have suits of cards of course, but you also have bowls, dragons, Lucky cats, and flowers. Everything here is made to look like it is made out of a expensive material. That is where the bling are in the title comes into play. It is a reference to it being flashy, high class, and status showing.

If we can make any changes to the game, it will probably be to add some more bonus rounds. As is, it is fairly bare bones. It's not like that isn't fine, but nothing about it is going to strike you as particularly innovative. We do have a good time playing out, but it's not something that we would come back to for the game play itself.

In Short

Overall, it is still a well rounded and well done game of the Asian genre. If you like Chinese culture in particular, you will probably be overjoyed with this one. few people can say that this is not a game that took the time to make the graphics shine. It's the shiniest game you will ever see!