Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandits 3 Slots
This game hardly needs an introduction. Anyone that has been playing slot machine games has heard of it, and probably played one of the entries in the series. It is so legendary that it’s went on to make three sequels. Few games are this successful. This is the pinnacle in the series, and the last one that has been made. Rumors have it that a fourth one might be coming, but until then, this one reign supreme. If you want to see what all the commotion is about, steal your way into this one!


This game has pretty much everything you could want in a slot machine experience. It has nice colorful graphics, it is all hand drawn, they are bonus rounds, special features, and good jackpots. It is one of the defining entries in online slot machine games. It is the template that set the standard for everything else. There would be no other slot games without this one having blaze the trail for the rest of them. We can think of no better game than this one when it comes to sending the series off, assuming it is the final entry.

The progressive jackpot is most people’s favorite feature. This is alongside the bonus round, called the vault future. Here, you will be asked to crack one of many safes. If you choose the right one, you will be rewarded greatly! This comes up when you match the correct symbols, much like everything else. Unlike other lazy slot machine games, this one has fully drawn graphics on every single image. You can match carts, banks, megaphones, police badges, cars, money, the robber himself, and newspapers. Everything associated with a big crime spree is present here. We love this aspect of it, as it makes us feel like we are involved in the crime itself when we win money.

Summing Up

Anyone that has never played one of these games has done themselves a disservice. You have to play at least one in the genre. This is a great way to get started, even though it is currently the latest entry in the series. It masters everything that made it popular before hand, and gives you the pinnacle of great graphics when it comes to hand-drawn artwork. The theme itself is alsowell chosen. All around, there is little to criticize!