Witchy Wins Slots

It is always a good time for Halloween in our book! We know we are not alone, evidenced by the fact that people took it upon themselves to make this lovely witch themed again. It offers little in terms of innovation but a lot in terms of wonderful artwork and style. If you are a Halloween fan, and generally a fan of things that go bump in the night, this game is for you. It is not big on jump scares, but is good on being generally fun, nice to look at, and scratching an itch that not many people can relate to.

How to Plays

Innovative features abounding in this game, aside from the artwork, is the amazing number of lines you can bet on. Here, you can bet on 243 lines in total. This is across five reels, which is standard. Your maximum bet is $20. There are two bonus round here, which is two more than manage Games Featured now. One of them has a free spins bonus. As the name implies, you will get free spins for your trouble. The other is a random reels feature. This random wild feature will let you match anything you want if it lands on the real, triggered by matching the right items.

Most of what you can match here are witches or playing cards. There is a brunette which, I red head, and a blonde one. Alongside them or a wild cauldron, magic potions, and the playing cards we mentioned. Everything here has a nice hand drawn look to it with a unique sense of style. If you have ever seen one of the hocus-pocus movies, it has a similar vibe, only a little bit more mature. It has a slight sexiness to it that we enjoy. Most games of this type can be overly cartoony. This one is not one of the scariest ones, but has a nice middle of the road look to it.


If you love Halloween and wish it was always October, you can experience a little bit of that joy year round. This game is available to play anytime you would want, and pays out quite well. If you like magic and whore and all things creepy, you will probably love this game. If you like witches and attractive women, you will also enjoy it as well!