Why Do So Many Slot Games Feature Cherries And Other Fruits?

If we asked you to name the symbol that pops up most often in online slots, what would you say? We think you might just say ‘cherries’, or at least another commonly-occurring symbol that appears in many slot games today.

Cherries and other fruits including lemons, oranges, berries, and similar things often appear in three-reel slot games. They also appear in some five-reel ones, which might come as a surprise. But why are they continually appearing in these games?

They recall the success of the original casino slot games

The original one-armed bandits often used what we call classic symbols. Cherries appeared often, along with numerous other fruity icons. You can also expect to see bar symbols, bells, and similar things, but fruit has long been the favorite in these original casino machines.

Most players know cherries are easiest to win prizes with

Even if you have never played a three-reel slot game, you probably know the cherries are good to look for. It is rare you won’t find them in play as the cheapest-paying symbol in a game. Just one set of two cherries is enough to return your bet to you when you play. You might also get a prize for two cherries on the reels from the left side of the game.

The fruity theme is one of the most popular ones around – even today

With so many modern slot game developments, it is hard to imagine how the humble cherry or other fruit could still be so popular. Yet it is. That feeling of familiarity must surely have something to do with it. Anyone who loves playing the true one-armed bandit machine in a real casino will surely love the same experience whenever they play online.

These games also offer the chance to win more if you play more coins on each line. Not all do this, but you are more likely to find the multiple coin option in a classic fruit slot than in many other slot game variations.

With lots of developers trying to come up with innovative ideas for slot games, it seems reassuring that we can still play the old favorites. There is something about seeing those cherries and other fruits on the paylines that harks back to the early days of slot machines. We’ve come a long way, but the old favorites are still popular.

Slot Games Feature Cherries