Dancing Wins Slots

Disco is back, baby! We knew in the 1970s that it couldn't be gone forever. Something about it was too explosive, too fun, and too appealing. Here, it comes back in full force, forever want to love and appreciate. You also get paid this time around, as opposed to spending all your money on giant hairstyles. If you want one of the most retro looking neon games on the market, this one is it. Anyone that fell in love with that era will love this one.

Plays Decent

Because of how much money they spent on the art style, there was a little left for anything else. There is almost no bonus round, no progressive jackpot, and not a whole lot going on. It is a simple game, almost to the point of a fault. You can bet across 50 lines, and the maximum bet is $50. You will have the free games feature, which is nice, but not entertaining. The coin sizes are what you would usually expect too. Everything about this game depends on you enjoying the way that it looks.

There are many symbols to match here, all of which look great. You have headphones, dancers, disco balls, turntables, tape recorders, microphones, guitars, and sunglasses. Our favorite is the dancers. They have many male and female dancers that look lovely. They perfectly captured what disco fans look like back in the day. At least how we remember them. It is somewhat of a caricature, but we think they hit the nail on the head with this one.

If there's something to criticize this game for, it is that they didn't do much with the genre. The theme is currently centerstage, which is fine. Nothing else about it has a retro vibe, however. If they wanted a retro take on it, they could have limited the number of reels to three, or something like that. A big jackpot also would've been nice, so that when it hits, the disco ball goes crazy!

In Closing

That does not change the fact that this game is a must for anyone that was alive in the 1970s. Even if you weren't, you also would benefit from giving it a try to see why everybody was so into disco back in the day. It is almost like a love letter in a time capsule to a time gone by.