Emperor Panda Slots

If there was anyone that doesn’t like pandas, we have not met them. If there’s anyone that does not like money, we have not met them, either. Combine that with Asian artwork, and you basically have this game. It appeals to almost everyone, and is easy on the eyes. If you want to see why real time gaming is known for quality software, this is a great entry points, and one of their middle of the road entries.


This game plays across five reels, with many bonuses, and good jackpots. The main feature are the high number of lines to put on, you’re being 50. You also have a large number of bonus rounds. You have a free games future, a jackpot emerald future, and a jackpot emerald expanding reels future. The expanding reels does as it implies, increasing the number of reels going by. This is with a Maximum Bet of $50, and many coin sizes. There is a reason this is one of the top 10 games on the website.

You can match all kinds of things, most of them being panda related. There is a red panda, a normal Panda, a bird, a tiger, a monkey, a king, a golden path, and many suits of cards. The artwork here is strong, we just wish they had taken the time to extend that strength to the menu other images on the reels that are currently occupied by playing cards. The cards don’t look bad, but they do not look as good as the rest of the artwork. This was something we could have improved in our opinion.

Improvements and Closing Remarks

Another thing they could have improved is having a progressive jackpot. They seemingly try to make up for it by offering you a way to win more often, but without a progressive jackpot spurring you on, this can be a tough sell. We still enjoy the game despite that, and are willing to recommend it for anyone that loves Asian themed artwork, and the China region in particular.

This is not the greatest game in the Asian themed genre, but it is a solid entry. If you are bored with many of the other agent titles you with that plan, and want something new, this is a good starting point. We would read it as a seven out of 10, which is not an insult.