Wild Hog Luau Slots

For anyone that likes pigs and parties, they finally made a game for you! If you are a fan of well-done 3-D rendering graphics, colorful visuals, and holiday themes, then you will love this game. It is simple, to the point, and well worth your time. Aside from the odd content of the theme, we can’t fault them for anything they did it here. We had a good time with it, and it is somewhat unforgettable.


This game keeps its standard by being five reels, and having no big bonus rounds to speak of. It has a free games feature, and a lucky streak respin feature, but nothing spectacular. There isn’t even a progressive jackpot. It’s all fairly bare bones. That’s OK, because it looks good enough to make up for it.

You can match many things, most of them looking like playing cards or pigs. They have the basic hogs, totem poles, coconut, and creepy things along the lines of skulls. From there, the usual suits of playing cards. It’s all pretty, it’s just not pretty to put it into words.

There are 20 lines that you can bet on, which is a little less than some games. It’s still more than the classic Vegas games, but nothing too complicated. This is unusual for a real time gaming title, as most of them have more lines, more bonus rounds, and progressive jackpot. We are unsure why this is the case here. Whatever the reason, it still looks and plays fine.

Our favorite part of the game is the art style. They took a DreamWorks level of quality and executed a unique take on Hawaii. We’ve actually never seen any other animal game like this. We have seen many party games they had animal things, and related things, but nothing of the sort. It is a breath of fresh air to see something so innovative, and we are glad they took the risk. We wish they would have made the game play a little more interesting, but that is our main criticism about this game.

Concluding Remarks

If you are looking for something that is far off the beaten path, and have a penchant for pigs, this one is for you. Anyone that loves luaus will enjoy this unique and interesting take on them. You will also be getting paid for the trouble of looking at the wonderful visuals. It’s a win-win all around!